UK may be next as violence erupts between migrants and police in Italy

Georgia Meloni says ‘we will not take lessons’ from France

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Violence with riot police have erupted at migrant centres in Italy, creating concern similar scenes may take place in the UK. Echoing language used by Suella Braverman, Italy’s Prime Minister Georgia Meloni has said her country is confronting “an invasion” of migrants this summer. She called on European Union allies to offer assistance in tackling the crisis.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani also expressed concern, saying that “a thousand people a day will start arriving” and help was needed to manage the numbers of illegal journey’s from Libya and Tunisia.

Annarumma Barracks in Via Cagni, Milan, saw violent clashes between Italian riot police and migrants on Tuesday.

So far this year, around 20,000 migrants have arrived on Italian shores, treble the number from January to March 2022.

Ms Meloni said: “If Europe doesn’t get moving and continues to leave us on our own, this summer there will be an invasion. The numbers are striking and with the season of fine weather, the problem can only get worse.”

Mr Tajani added: “If Tunisia explodes, a thousand people a day will start arriving.”

According to a senior United Nations figure, sub saharan migrants have been forced out of Tunisia by the country’s President Kais Saied. As a result, migrants that may not have been intent on crossing the Mediterranean have been left with few other choices but to do so.

This comes as received reports from residents on the former British airbase RAF Wethersfield that asylum seekers are to be brought onto the site from April 1.

Fencing has been erected on the base “about 100 metres” from housing currently being used by the families of serving military personnel.

One source living on the base told “Ninety per cent of the time my husband is away, so it’s me on my own with my children.

“It’s the same for most of the wives on the site. Our husbands’ jobs mean they are away a lot. You know, it is concerning. We are worried. We don’t feel safe”.

She said the fencing that has been put up is inadequate, adding: “I don’t think it would keep my dog in”.

The woman accused the Home Office of pressing ahead with its plans without consulting with residents or locals.

She said: “So, from the Home Office, we’ve had nothing and the Home Office have been on-site multiple times and we’ve seen them on the site.

“They’ve had tours of the site, but we’ve had no correspondence whatsoever with the Home Office.”

In response to the accusations levelled at the Home Office by locals and residents on the base, a Government spokesperson said: “We have always been upfront about the unprecedented pressure being put on our asylum system, brought about by a significant increase in dangerous and illegal journeys into the country.

“We continue to work across government and with local authorities to identify a range of accommodation options.

“The government remains committed to engaging with local authorities and key stakeholders as part of this process.”

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