UK heatwave long range forecast: When will the hot weather return?

Britain has basked in glorious 30C plus temperatures – but now we are being battered by cool winds, thunderstorms and lightning. Areas of the UK have seen some extreme weather in the form of lightning and thunderstorms, with flash floods hitting some parts. Is the summer weather over? Will the hot weather return?

The hot and humid air mass felt in recent days has either plagued or pleased you, depending on your persuasion.

But now it looks like that’s it for the boiling summer temperatures for 2020, and the UK is set to get progressively cooler over the next month or so.

Some sporadic balmy and humid days are expected, particularly in urban areas, but overall the UK is set to cool well into September.

The UK has woken up today to a much cooler morning, with highs of 21C, meaning many slept better last night than they did in the balmy evenings of the past week.

Forecasts predict the temperatures will continue on a downward trend over the next few days, with maximums of 23C during the day by next Monday.

Storm warnings are also out for much of the UK, particularly Wales and mid to southern England.

The warnings last across England and parts of Wales, and Scotland into Monday next week, bookending the glorious temperatures seen for the past six days.

Chief meteorologist Steve Ramsdale said in these areas “exceptional rainfall totals could be seen of 60 millimetres in an hour with a very small chance of 150 millimetres of rainfall in three or four hours”.

The Environment Agency has five flood alerts posted for possible flooding in areas around Birmingham, and 17 flood alerts are in place across Scotland.

But once the storms are over, a more positive picture is being painted in the Met Office long range forecast

According to the Met Office, generally the weather will be unsettled, but we’re unlikely to see the stormy conditions hitting the UK currently.

The forecast from now reads: “The beginning of this period is likely to be generally unsettled, with showers and longer spells of rain at times.

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“There is also a low chance that there could be some further thundery weather, although this would most likely be confined towards the southeast of the UK.

“It is likely to be windier than of late, especially in the west where there is also a risk of gales.

“Temperatures should start rather warm for many, despite the spells of unsettled weather. However, temperatures may cool slightly by the end of this period as the low pressure system, which was situated over the west of the UK, pushes towards the east and allows for a freshening breeze to develop from the northwest.”

Into late August and the first half of September, the weather is expected to continue on its unsettled spree, but warm weather is looking set to make a comeback around this time.

The forecast reads: “Although confidence is low for this period, it is likely that conditions will become more changeable with settled days interspersed with periods of rain and strengthening winds, especially in the northwest.

“However, the east and southeast will perhaps remain slightly more settled throughout with temperatures around or above average.

“There is also a possibility for southern regions to turn very warm at times, with a potential for thunderstorms to develop.”

Later toward the middle and end of September, temperatures will begin to drop into the teens as is normal for this time of year.

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