UFO hunters should not take dangerous crash site materials expert says

UFO hunters finding themselves lucky enough to come face to face with a crash site should not take materials from the potential wreckage.

An elusive creatures expert has warned of the dangers that come from meddling with the out of this world items and says people should leave them well alone.

Despite the allure of materials that may fall from the sky and point toward life outside our planet, Thomas Marcum says people should adopt caution.

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Thomas warned although these crashes "need to be documented", those doing so should recognise the area "could be dangerous".

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Thomas said: "I do know that often times we would not have any record of unusual events if an individual did not either take unauthorised photos or some type of material from the area.

"In years gone by, once the government gets involved the event gets buried or it is explained away. The 1947 Roswell incident comes to mind.

"Witnesses coming forward to tell what they saw can sometimes even be shut down by governments.

"These things should be documented and at the very least pictures should be taken of any evidence or material present, especially if you are the first person on the scene."

But those at the scene of potential alien or UFO sightings should be cautious of the materials they are handling.

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Mr Marcum added: "A person should always keep in mind that some material that falls or crashes from the sky could be dangerous.

"Unusual events and sightings should be documented, studied, and talked about but each individual should weigh the risks and rewards of taking evidential material from these events.

"If the government is already involved and on the scene, then I would not recommend taking any material without permission."

Thomas' comments on the alien debris comes as a US Veteran, reported by the Daily Star, revealed he knew the "exact" location of genuine UFOs.

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