Uber Eats driver goes viral for sending customer thank you card and poem

An Uber Eats driver has touched his customer's heart when he went above and beyond delivering food along with a handwritten card and poem.

Tracy Ramirez, from Dallas, Texas, received her takeaway order and found a paper note, a printed poem and a goody bag with face masks and candies next to it.

She wanted to look for the driver and gave him a good tip after re-watching his sweet gesture from the doorbell camera footage.

"This sweet Uber Eats driver delivered more than just food," she wrote in her now-viral TikTok post.

"He so thoughtfully and delicately placed tissue paper under the food and goody bag he brought us, with a card he wrote for us.

"It contained masks and some candies with a sweet personalised card and most importantly, this sweet, heartfelt poem. God bless him."

Tracy said she didn't see the CCTV until after the time she found out she could change tip.

She called Uber Eats customer service and asked for the driver's name but was only given the first name as Donald.

Eventually she's able to reach out to him as she posted a clip of a phone call that she made to him.

Donald was shocked when she told him how she found his contacts.

He said: "Wow, I'm shocked. This is the strangest thing, you know, I almost didn't take the order but I just did."

Tracy also told Donald that she has since set up a fundraising page so her viewers could chip in for the tip and she has raised more than $2,600 (£1,914).

"I'm so grateful because I prayed to God 'please help me to find Donald' so I called the restaurant early in the morning and asked if they have regular drivers and it was the lady who saw you on that night," she told him on the phone call.

"I sent her links to my video and an hour later, she messaged me saying she saw you!"

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