Travellers break into new refurbished pub and leave behind trail of destruction

A group of travellers allegedly broke into a newly refurbished pub and wreaked havoc, leaving behind a trail of wreckage.

Having recently undergone a £500,000 refurbishment, The Forest Inn, in Farnham, Surrey, was left in a state of ruin after the break-in.

Pictures show shattered windows, bottles and mirrors and the newly built cellar destroyed, with floors covered in faeces.

The manager of the site, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Surrey Live he had contacted the police for help, but to no avail for at least two days.

He said: "I'm absolutely shocked, it was terrifying to see the damage caused. It was horrific and it is something I will never ever forget. I felt completely powerless and alone without any support from the police."

The pub had only just recently reopened and was still waiting for CCTV cameras installed inside its premises.

The manager was at the site when approximately 50 caravans turned up on a nearby field.

He added: "I went outside and said the pub was closing down.

"I said we were closing the car park, I wasn't aggressive.

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"Then they just surrounded me, and seeing that many people, personally, surround me… I just jumped in the car, called the police and left.

"They [the police] told me under no uncertain terms not to interact with them."

He said he felt let down by the police's lack of concern, who showed up to the site two days after the initial call.

The total estimated cost of damage is still being added up.

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed it had received a call about travellers at the site on Thursday, and a second call the following day to say the pub had been broken into.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Officers were dispatched to attend but unfortunately had to be diverted due to other ongoing high priority incidents."

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