Tourist catches hotel staff members alarming behaviour with hidden camera

Footage of housekeeping staff snooping through the personal belongings of a hotel guest has been posted on social media.

Arturo Brunello was enjoying a holiday in Cancun, Mexico, before finding out his hotel room was being dissected by a hotel employee.

Brunello intended to keep eyes on his hotel room through his usage of iSentry, an app that turns a computer's web camera into a motion-sensing security system.

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After the footage resurfaced on Tuesday (October 4) on TikTok, it has since achieved 3.2million views on the social media app.

A voiceover playing over the footage said: "Here, you can see the housekeeping staff help himself to a beer from our fridge".

Brunello questioned the employee as he said: "Why are you going through our drawers?"

The staff member continued to rummage around the room as he opened the room's safe and was filmed opening a backpack as Brunello sternly urged his viewers to: "Be careful when you're travelling".

He added: "This was the first time I set up a camera, that is alarming to me".

After reporting the incident to management at the hotel, the employee was immediately fired as Brunello praised iSentry as a "10/10" app after it sent him an email when the app detected motion.

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Vadim Zaliva is the CEO of Codeminders, which developed iSentry and said: "In particular, we've heard from some small businesses using it in their storage room sometimes combined with the office to prevent potential theft by employees."

Brunello's video seemed to have a positive effect as many viewers shared his anxiousness about the level of security in hotels as well as his travel advice.

One viewer said: "This is why I barely take anything out of my case and I always keep my lock on it and travel with the keys always."

"I always bring the minimum, no jewellery and whatever is expensive is in my purse with me, but a camera is genius," another viewer said.


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