Torrential rain to batter Brits all week before Mediterranean blast approaches

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    Brits are set to be battered by rain all week before we get a taste of the soaring temperatures that have been cooking Europe.

    Europe has been battling extreme heat in recent weeks, with records being broken across the continent.

    Temperatures in some areas have repeatedly exceeded 40C as Greece battles wildfires, and people are warned to stay inside during the hottest hours of the day.

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    Now weather maps show temperatures in the UK are expected to soar following a period of unsettled conditions in July, but only after some suffering.

    The Met Office has revealed rain will hit the UK every day this week after a wash out at the Ashes in Manchester and the Open at Hoylake.

    A number of flood alerts and flood warnings remain in place for the UK and the Met Office is forecasting disruption.

    The organisation's meteorologist Marco Petagna said: “Certainly localised flooding is quite possible.

    "The rain warning we have out now until midnight certainly suggests the potential for standing water on the roads, so journey times could be impacted, and there could be some disruption for local bus and train services."

    The north and east regions should be prepared for heavy and thundery downpours by Tuesday, the body added.

    "Unsettled weather" consisting of rain and high winds is expected on Wednesday and Thursday while Friday will bring a mixture of sunny spells and showers.

    The Met Office's long-range forecast for mid-August paints a happier picture. It states: "Towards the middle of the month, a gradual settling down of conditions remains the most likely trend, with longer periods of drier weather and more sunshine compared with previous weeks developing.

    "Temperatures are likely to be cooler than average at first, but with the signal for improving conditions through the period, a gradual upward trend in temperatures to average, with a slightly higher than normal chance of above average temperatures by the end of the period."

    Instead, maps show temperatures reaching the mid to late twenties across the UK.

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    Met Office spokesperson Grahame Madge said there is "no forecast signal for temperatures to reach last year’s threshold this year," GB news reports.

    He added: "The chance of reaching 40C is around 1%, so it is unlikely in any given year, but of course, it remains feasible."

    Dan Stroud, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: "We've got a band of rain clearing southwards tomorrow.

    "There are likely to be some heavy, potentially thundery bursts across the south and south-east during the course of the morning, but sunny spells and showers already around elsewhere will push right across the whole country during the course of the afternoon, so it is an improving picture."

    Temperatures will be "a little bit on the cool side", he added.

    He said: "Probably the better days of the week are going to be Tuesday and Friday, again with a focus on sunshine and showers.

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