Thirsty monkey wreaks havoc at airport – sneaking behind the bar to steal tipple

A monkey has wreaked havoc on an airport by sneaking behind a bar to steal a drink.

The thirsty primate was seen sitting on the bar at IGI airport in New Delhi, India, on Friday, October 1.

The animal does not seem fazed by all the people around it, nor by the staff member behind the bar from where it stole a “real fruit juice”.

Seconds later, the monkey shows just how brazen it is by moving across the bar top, nearly knocking off a glass along the way.

It then proceeds to abandon its post to climb on top of a shelf, before disappearing out of view.

The cheeky thief was captured on camera by passenger Namdeo Kadam, who was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai.

It was later rescued, with airport sources saying that no one was harmed during the incident.

Monkeys are very common in India – with the population number reaching over 50 million in recent years – meaning interactions between humans and monkeys are highly likely.

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This comes as earlier this year another ape, this time an orangutan in Borneo, was helping itself to coconuts from a villager’s coconut garden.

The large mammal had to be shot with a tranquiliser dart in order to be relocated safely away from the village.

In another similar case, a monkey in 2019 snuck onto a coach full of tourists in Spain, before running off with the driver’s lunch.

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