Tesco receipt from 1989 shows how much shopping has changed in 32 years

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A Tesco receipt from 1989 has been unearthed and provides a fascinating insight into shopping habits and prices from more than three decades ago.

The scrap of paper, kept by a couple as a memento, reveals the cheap prices they enjoyed on their first shopping trip after moving into their new home.

It includes 1980s staples such as 54p Swiss Roll, 39p custard and 21p cream crackers. Meanwhile a pack of Nice biscuits cost 28p and a bag of prawns were £3.79.

The receipt also features the supermarket giant's traditional blue-and-white striped logo along with the store's original slogan 'Changing the way Britain Shops'.

The slogan was changed to the famous 'Every Little Helps' in 1993.

The shopping list of 24 items came to £24.57. The same shop today would cost £33.22 – an increase of £8.65.

While most groceries were cheaper in 1989 due to inflation, including lemons which cost 16p compared to 30p and medium cheddar cheese which cost £1.14 instead of £2 now, some items were more expensive.

Pork spare ribs bought by the couple in 1989 cost £5.37 while the equivalent today would set a shopper back £4.20.

The receipt, dated November 15, 1989, was handed into Steve Winfield, store manager of the branch in St Peter's in Worcester, by the couple on their 64th wedding anniversary.

He said: "It is amazing really, my team leader Jo asked me to come and meet two customers who were in store on their 64th wedding anniversary.

"They have been shopping with us for a long time and we presented them with flowers and that's when they told me they still had the receipt from the first time they shopped at the store.

"They had just moved to the area and had kept the receipt from their first shopping trip.

"What I find fascinating is they were probably doing a bit of a Christmas shop because you can see mincemeat and walnut halves on there.

"They had pork ribs but that would have most likely been bought off the counter we used to have.

"It's interesting to think about the way we used to shop 30 years ago and wonder how we will shop in 30 years' time.

"Of course back then we didn't have Scan as you Shop or the self service tills, you wouldn't have had online or home delivery or even the Clubcard."

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