Terrifying tornado tears through Kansas causing widespread destruction – VIDEO

Kansas: Tornado rips through the sky across state

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The massive tornado brought extensive damage to the city of Andover where many homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed. 

The storm reportedly developed shortly before sunset on Friday before moving towards the city. 

The first tornado warning was issued on the Andover storm at 8:10 pm on Friday (03:10 am Saturday GMT). At 8:13 pm, a confirmed tornado was being tracked near the city.

Footage shared on social media showed a fast-moving and violent twister blasting through Andover. 

No injuries have been reported so far. 

Local residents and storm chasers captured footage of the storm and its aftermath. 

Buildings could be seen devastated and rows of houses destroyed by the twister as it moved across the city. 

Cars were blown into the side of buildings including the community’s YMCA building, which partially collapsed. 

The YMCA in neighbouring Wichita wrote on its Facebook page: “The Andover YMCA suffered significant damage as a result of the storm that hit the Andover area this evening.

“We are thankful that all of the staff and members that took shelter at the branch at the time of the storm, were not injured.

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly declared a state of emergency in the storm’s aftermath.

Brandon Whipple, mayor of Wichita, said that about 50-100 buildings have been damaged in Andover by the storm.

The city is providing aid to Andover in the wake of the storm. 

The tornado in Andover was one of a number of severe storms that swept through the eastern half of Kansas and Nebraska in the midwestern United States on Friday. 

A total of 14 twisters were reported in the region on Friday evening, with 11 of them from Kansas and three from Nebraska. 

The storms also brought destructive wind gusts and massive hail in both states. 

Twisters appeared throughout Kansas including in Wichita, Sedgwick and Butler. 

Andover appeared to be the hardest hit area. 

Wind gusts were reported as high as 80 to 90 mph by the Weather Service. 

There were also reports of four-inch hail stones from northeast Kansas. 

Other tornadoes that formed to the north of the region, particularly near the Kansas and Nebraska border, appeared to be quick-hitting and weaker than the Andover twister.

Neighbouring cities have reportedly dispatched emergency workers to assist Andover following the storm. 

Wichita Interim Police Chief Lem Moore said authorities were working to assess the damage caused by Saturday’s tornado and urged travellers to stay away from the city. 

He said in a statement: “Emergency services want to focus on the families in Andover and not have to manage people wanting to drive by to see the damages.

The same storm that devastated Andover went on to produce additional tornadoes to the east of El Dorado, where a “confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado” was reported. 

The tornado threat was eventually diminished by a line of storms to the west of the state.  

Friday’s storm tore through Andover around 31 years after another devastating twister hit the town.

On April 26 1991, an F5 twister, the highest rating possible, blasted through parts of the city killing 17 people and injuring 225. 

It was part of a wider storm outbreak that saw 55 tornadoes hit across the region, known as the Plains. 


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