Terrifying shark attack map shows riskiest places in the world to go swimming

The most dangerous places to go swimming in the world have been revealed in a new shark attack map that compiles all of 2021's toothy encounters.

According to Trackingsharks.com, there were 81 shark attacks in 2021 – nine of which were unfortunately fatal.

The map shows that the most dangerous place to go for a dip in the world is the waters around the US where 42 people were bitten.

Amazingly, 26 of these incidents happened off the coast of Florida – although luckily only one person died in American waters last year due to being attacked by a shark.

The most lethal stretch of ocean in the world can be found off the coast of New South Wales, Australia, where Great White Sharks are often found.

The Great White is responsible for the most recorded attacks on humans in history and due to its phenomenal size and strength it also has the highest fatality rate.

Throughout 2021, 5 people were attacked by sharks off the coast there, and tragically two people died – both at the jaws of Great Whites.

The first instance occurred on May 18 when Mark Sanguinetti, 59, and his three friends were surfing near Tuncurry Beach.

Sanguinetti spotted a 15-foot Great White shark and warned his friends before it attacked him biting his right thigh and returning again for a second bite.

He was pulled from the water but sadly died from his injuries.

The second fatal attack happened on July 11 and tragically involved a 15-year-old surfer named Mani Hart-Deville.

While surfing near Wooli Beach, Mani was attacked by a shark twice.

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After a fellow surfer fought off the fish, he was pulled from the water but tragically died soon after.

In the event you are attacked by a shark, there are several things you can do to minimise your risk.

SurferToday reports that you should "stay as calm as possible and not 'paddle fast to the shore.'

You should also "try to find obstacles, corners, cliffs, rocks, boats, or shallow waters."

In the event you are attacked you can "defend yourself by hitting the predator in the eyes and gills."

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