Tenant from hell filled over 5000 beer cans with urine after breaking toilet

A vile tenant filled over 5,000 beer cans with urine after breaking the toilet, making for a "disgusting" clean up job.

Thousands of Carling tins and the odd Fosters can had been stacked one on top of the other – full to the brim – in all three of the home's bedrooms.

In place of a functioning lavatory, a mans appears to have decided the next best thing was to reuse cans he presumably enjoyed emptying of lager in the first place.

The situation was so bad inside the house in Hebburn, South Tyneside, that a team of professionals was hired out to clear the building of urine dumped on the carpet, in drawers, and even behind a TV.

Unfortunate haulage workers were shocked by the state of the house where the stench was every bit as hideous as expected of that much pee, The Metro reports.

The mess did not end with refilled beer cans either as the removal workers also had to clear up cigarette packets and pizza boxes carelessly discarded across the house.

It is unknown whether the tenant approached their landlord about the faulty toilet and the alarming situation he had found himself in.

What also remains a mystery is if the tenant used beer cans for a wee, how on earth did he handle number twos in the absence of a loo?

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Gold Stars Haulage Removals were employed to deal with the stinking carnage which they admitted was the "worst job we've done".

Director Johnathon Caisley said: "We got a briefing of what was there, but it was nothing like what we expected.

"All the beer cans were filled with urine. The tenant broke his toilet for God knows how long and filled every can in the house.

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"It was the smell, it was disgusting. I reckon there was well over 5000 cans filled."

When asked where the tenant was going to poo, he said: "I’ve got no idea, I don’t know what he was doing for that, not that I want to know either to be honest."

Cleaning service Partners in Grime, helped the hauliers restore the rooms after two and a half hours of elbow grease and carefully handling the former Carling cans.

Johnathon, from Newcastle, added: "We’ve been established a year now and that’s the worst job we’ve done, by far."

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