Teenage boy killed by train while taking photos with friends on railway tracks

A teenager was hit and killed by a train as he and his friends took photos on the tracks.

Arib Khan, 18, had just moved to Bhopal in India's Madhya Pradesh two weeks ago to begin studying toward a Bachelor's degree of pharmacy.

He was originally from Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, his cousin Sharik told local media.

On Saturday evening he went to a railway track in Shahpura with a group of new friends. The teens hung around the tracks posing for pictures, which they intended to share on social media.

As they were distracted with their photography, a train suddenly came racing towards them from the opposite direction they were facing.

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While his friends managed to scramble to safety in time, Arib was crushed to death on the track.

The traumatised youngsters informed Arib's relatives and the police about the tragedy.

His body was sent for a post-mortem examination and officers also examined footage from the train station the following day.

Additional superintendent of police (ASP) Rajesh Singh Bhadoriya said: "Arib with his new friends went to a nearby railway track in Shahpura area to click pictures to upload on social media.

"When they were taking pictures, a train suddenly came from the opposite direction.

"His friends ran away from the track but Arib was crushed to death."

It's not the first train-related death in India this year — in May, 16 people were killed after they fell asleep on the tracks in the state of Maharashtra.

The victims were all migrant workers attempting to walk home, and when they became too exhausted to go any further after going 22 miles they laid down in the assumption the trains wouldn't be running in the coronavirus lockdown.

Sadly they were wrong and were crushed to death by a passing freight train.

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