Teen builds home under parents’ garden after they won’t let him wear tracksuit

A furious teenager who started digging to let off steam after an argument with his parents ended up building a spacious underground home after six years of work.

Andres Canto is now 20 years old, but thanks to his 14-year-old self's fit of anger, his underground den now has a sitting room, electricity, and a bedroom.

Footage shows off its modern facilities including a heating system, Wi-Fi courtesy of his mobile phone transmitting from the cave entrance, and a music system.

The temperature inside is a constant 20 or 21 degrees Celsius between May and September, according to the self-taught builder.

He added: "It's great, I have everything I need. It can be tiring to work here as it is wet and there is not much air going around, but I have found my own motivation to keep on digging every day."

Andres joked he didn't really understand what was going through his mind in 2015 when he went into the garden with his grandfather's pickaxe in La Romana, Alicante, south-eastern Spain.

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He said: "My parents wanted me to change clothes to go to the village, but I wanted to wear the tracksuit that I liked to wear at home so I could mess around in the village.

"They told me I could not go out dressed like this and I said: 'No worries, I can entertain myself,' and I went to the back of the property and started to dig a hole."

The digging continued, and Andres found he liked to wind down in the evenings after school several days per week by working on his excavation by hand.

Andres admitted that visits from insects, spiders and snails can be rather regular, but he does not mind too much:

He estimates that the project has cost him no more than 50 EUR (around £43).

And although Andres may have to deal with an occasional flood when it rains, he is thankful that it helps keep the surrounding earth stronger as the risk of collapse is greater when it dries out.

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