TeamDogs in search for UKs favourite dog breed and we think Shih Tzus are best

The Daily Star has joined forces with our brand new sister site, TeamDogs, and the fabulous Pooch & Mutt food for dogs company, to find out which dog breed really is the nation’s favourite.

Here, Cassandra Lawrence champions Shih Tzus and explains exactly why they are the best breed.

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Here Cassandra reveals why Shih Tzus are the best…

The realisation that we weren't perhaps the cat people we thought we were hit us during a 4-hour wait in A&E. After years of dealing with Trevor the Tabby’s tantrums, demands and aloofness, my husband and I found ourselves waiting to be seen by an ophthalmologist to deal with my husband’s corneal abrasion. The cute cat went rogue and lashed out. From that day forward, I knew I wanted a dog.

So fast forward ten or so years, and I became that covid cliche and we welcomed a pandemic puppy into our home.

After years of being ignored by our commitment-phobe cat, all I wanted was a pet that gave me lots of love, acknowledged I was alive and even sat on my lap whilst I watched telly.

Shih Tzus are that needy boyfriend/girlfriend that craves company, follows you from room to room, and watches your every move, and I’m not embarrassed to say… I love it!

Bobby is my shadow, there isn’t a time of day that he isn’t either on my lap or by my feet. It’s quite simple, Shih Tzus love…love, they are such friendly dogs. When we’re out and about Bobby often stops strangers for cuddles, and has won himself a legion of fans on our street.

As working from home became the new normal, and the novelty of a quiet house wore off – Bobby provided me with some much-needed company. I was buoyed daily he was with me, always up for a cuddle. He gave me a reason to leave my desk to get some fresh air.

After moving to a new area Bobby got me talking to the neighbours, and got us exploring parts of Sussex that we didn’t know, we’ve found some really picturesque dog walks. In terms of exercise Shih Tzus are rather low maintenance, we give him one long walk in the morning and then a few short walks around the block throughout the day for him to stretch his legs, or for me to grab a coffee.

Our two-year-old daughter has also found a best friend in Bobby the Shih Tzu, they are thick as thieves! I don’t think there is a meal she hasn’t shared with her new sidekick since we brought him home. He absolutely adores her, and children in general. Shih Tzus are amazingly gentle family dogs.

I would recommend a Shih Tzu to anybody deliberating getting a dog; especially those who would like a low maintenance breed, or those who might be lonely or have a young family.

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