Taliban supporters gleefully hold mock funeral for UK with Union Jack on coffin

A video widely circulated on social media shows Taliban supporters celebrating as they hold a "funeral" for their western enemies.

In the clip, men hold coffins draped with the flags of the US and other NATO member countries, including France and the UK, in the city of Khost in Afghanistan on Tuesday (August 31).

The coffins are paraded through a crowded street while men watch in silence and others loudly sing.

Some people wave Taliban flags and a few spectators are recording the morbid scene on their phones.

There doesn't appear to be any women in the footage and there are fears that the Taliban will force women to stay at home unless escorted by a man as it was under their previous rule – making it impossible for them to work.

"August 31 is our formal Freedom Day," Taliban official Qari Saeed Khosti told local television station Zhman TV during its coverage of the event.

He added: "On this day, American occupying forces and NATO forces fled the country."

This comes after armed Taliban fighters surrounded a "petrified" news anchor as he read out their message to the public that they should "not be afraid".

And a gay man claimed he was raped and beaten by Taliban thugs after being lured to a meeting, believing he was going to get safe passage out of Afghanistan.

The man said he had been talking online to one of the perpetrators about his fear of safety and was tricked.

Artemis Akbary, an LGBT+ activist based in Turkey, told ITV News the threat of death for gay people in Afghanistan was greater than ever.

He said: "They are trying to tell the world: ‘We are changed and we don't have problems with women's rights or human rights', but they are lying.

"The Taliban hasn't changed, because their ideology hasn’t changed."

Meanwhile, one of Afghanistan's top female police officers said she was severely beaten by the Taliban.

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