Take Pride Winnipeg still committed to cleaning up city despite COVID-19 pandemic

It’s not a pretty time of year in Winnipeg.

With melting snow unearthing hidden layers of litter, the streets in the spring can be a little less than appealing.

For Tom Ethans and Take Pride Winnipeg, however, it’s an ideal time of year to take stock of the city’s cleanliness. Take Pride’s annual Winnipeg litter index is an assessment of the city’s roads — although this year, social distancing has made the survey a little more complicated.

“We’re driving around in cars, and we’re either by ourselves or with a family member who lives with us,” Ethans told 680 CJOB.

“We have to be very cognizant of the social distancing rules.”

Ethans said the streets are judged on a 1-4 scale — with a one rating meaning there’s no littler at all, and four meaning a lot of litter. The average Winnipeg street, he said, tends to be just over a two rating.

“Residential streets are basically better than the other streets… but you’ll always see some litter right now, at this time of year, everywhere,” he said.

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“It’s when you’re going down a street and you see constant litter on either side of the street, that’s when it’s a four.

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