Suspect mocked after pirates gun, sword and cash found in police bust

A "pirate's gun" was among the hidden treasure dug up by cops from a Bedford washing machine in a bizarre drugs bust.

Bedfordshire Police arrested a man in his 60s for possession of the gun and for being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug.

A sword, £1,000 in cash and Class A drugs were also found inside the washing machine, according to police.

It marks Bedfordshire cops' second successful drugs raid in a matter of days.

On Friday last week, police say a man in his 30s was nabbed in Dunstable for carrying a package of substances including cocaine, ecstasy, magic mushrooms and cannabis.

The man also carried pepper spray and knuckle dusters.

Social media users were unable to contain their chuckles at the bizarre Pirates of the Caribbean-esque swag in the second raid, however.

Bedfordshire Police tweeted a photo of the weapon with the caption: "We have taken a gun off the streets of Bedfordshire after officers found the firearm in a washing machine during a warrant."

Many replied with memes poking fun at the Jack Sparrow-type suspect who kept the flintlock pistol inside his kitchen appliance.

User Friend of a Friend wrote: "Why don't you do more to prevent armed washing machines from roaming the streets in the first place?"

Zaxxon Galaxian added: "We also found a crossbow and a rock that may be used by a catapult. We’re concerned about gang activity by immigrants from the Holy Roman Empire."

But Polar Johan got the best reply in, writing: "Well I for one I feel immeasurably safer knowing that if Baron Cornelius Winchester IV wants to challenge me to a duel in 1821, there's one less pistol available for him to use."

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Yet killjoy Sarah Random pointed out the find probably wouldn't be able to do much damage anyway.

She wrote: "Shame it's missing key components that stops it from being fired.

"Like the trigger, cock and frizzen, and a ramrod.

"So unless they were going to convert it into a matchlock, it's not really going to do much.

"Congrats on removing a pipe with a hole in the side though."

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