Son of Sam killer claimed he followed demon orders to go out and murder

The horrifying and infamous 'Son of Sam' serial killer claimed to have followed the orders of a 'demon dog' which told him to murder.

Real-name David Berkowitz, the grim murderer who took the lives of six people and injured 11 more, is serving a life sentence for his monstrous crimes.

But behind his Son of Sam moniker is a disturbing link between his neighbour's dog, and a demon Berkowitz claims was manifesting itself in the animal.

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Neighbour Sam Carr's black Labrador became a fixation for Mr Berkowitz, who later claimed in court the dog was a prime reason for the slate of murders he carried out.

A few weeks after his capture, a month on from the July 1977 shootings which left one woman, Stacy Moskowitz, dead, and Robert Violante blind in one eye, the Son of Sam admitted to the press his connection with his neighbour's dog.

Just a day after his arrest, Berkowitz, also known as the .44 Calibre Killer, claimed he was following the orders of a demon dog which told him to go out and murder.

Those same murders, Berkowitz claimed in 1993, were part of a string of Satanic cult-linked crimes, which Mr. Monster, another nickname of the now 70-year-old killer, revealed when he became a born-again Christian.

His confession on August 11, 1977, just one day after his arrest, was sent to journalists at the New York Post.

He ended his confession with a stern warning, writing: "There are other Sons out there, God help the world."

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Two years on from the chilling claim he was guided in his crimes, which included a number of shootings carried out with a Bulldog revolver, the Son of Sam admitted his demonic claims were a hoax.

Even as late as 2015, the murderer claimed he had originally heard the "voice" of a druid devil, which is where he believes he was given the urge to kill.

Mr Berkowitz added this is where the origin of Son of Sam' came from, and he later alleged the dog was a fabricated detail.

His initial claims of a dog telling him to carry out the six second-degree murders and seven attempted second-degree murders were false, with Berkowitz still serving a life imprisonment sentence.

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