Snow to hit UK as -11C polar vortex forecast to blast Brits as soon as next week

The UK could be hit by a weather phenomenon, as a polar vortex is forecast to blast Brits with -11C temperatures next week.

A large region of the UK could be affected by the major sudden stratospheric warning (SSW) even taking place.

The last time such an event happened, it triggered what became the Beast from the East, a massive freeze that swept across the nation and caused 17 fatalities with its slate of snow, ice and strong winds.

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A similar event could be on the cards for Brits, as an expert speaking to The Mirror says there is still time to prepare for the massive cold snap.

Such a snap is set to begin in March, with British Weather Services' Jim Dale warning February will end as "another one of the past 13 months apart from December that have been above the median average".

There is "no reason" the grim -11C temperatures will not hit due to the SSW event, with the forecaster saying temperatures will plummet for those in Scotland, northern England and Wales.

Expert Dale said: "There’s no reason we won’t be seeing those kinds of temperatures if the profile I’m expecting does eventuate.

"Snow could well be involved, it certainly will be for Scotland and the chances are that will also be the case for a good part of the UK."

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With temperatures set to drop to -4C or -5C in the northern parts of England and that ever-bitter -11C in the Glens of Scotland, expert Dale has said the cold snap is coming due to "cold air coming out of the Arctic".

He added: "This is all about what happened in the last week or two, and that’s the atmosphere above the poles warming up dramatically and sending cold air starting to spill south, that is, the vortex has started to dislocate itself.

"That’s your cold air coming out of the Arctic and moving in this direction. It does look though it will envelop us – to a point anyway – and around the 3rd or 4th of March and onwards from there."

On whether this could be the next Beast from the East, Dale concluded that the "jury is still out" on whether Britain will weather the storm of another massive freeze this year.

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