Snow and sleet to hit Britain this weekend with flood warnings issued

Brits could be hit by snow and sleet this weekend with a raft of flood warnings also in place, as a patch of warm weather comes to an end.

Forecasters have warned of wintry showers, sleet, and even snow along the east coast of England.

In the early hours of Sunday, temperatures will dip below zero in northern Scotland and low single digits in the rest of the UK.

Parts of England have already seen the mercury drop below freezing overnight, with South Newington in Oxfordshire recording a low of -5.3C between Wednesday and Thursday.

Blue skies will be replaced with cloud coverage and a “strong biting winds” will descend on Britain’s shores.

The south coast of England is also set to be struck by 40mph winds.

However, Southampton, Exeter and Pembroke will see highs of 12 and 13C on Saturday afternoon.

The Environment Agency has also issued 37 flood warnings across The Midlands and south of England,

Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said: "The winds developing across this eastern side, south eastern portion of England, so it's going to feel colder particularly [on Friday], you're going to notice the difference. Cooler still into the weekend.

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She added: "It's this high pressure system here which will build and introduce cold north to north easterly colours extending all the way down the country over the weekend.

"It's going to feel cold, that wind…also blowing in some wintry showers. All in all, a lot colder than the beginning of the week.

"But certainly there will be some sunshine around.”

The arrival of sleet and snow could spark weather warnings for ice, Met Office meteorologist Emma Salter warned.

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She told the Evening Standard: “It’s going to be colder than yesterday [on Friday], and that's the theme over the next few days too.

“Winds will pick up from Saturday and coastal parts will feel it most, with speeds of between 30 and 40 mph.

“Those speeds are not enough to cause any real issues but the gales will contribute it feeling so miserably cold.”

“On Sunday we’re looking at highs in London of about 9C and seven elsewhere, but applying the feels-like factor it will be about 2C in some places.”

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