Sickening moment horse repeatedly ‘fed cannabis’ by yobs on Brit estate

A video of a horse seemingly being fed cannabis has sparked outrage on the internet and among animal lovers.

The sickening footage was allegedly taken on the Beechwood estate near Prenton in Merseyside.

In the short clip played on a mobile phone, the animal is seen sniffing on the rolled joint before taking a bite on it.

The person passes the cigarette-like substance through the bars of the stable but the horse accidentally drops it on the ground.

The clip cuts after the person picks it up again and feeds it to the horse.

People reacted with fury to the video when it was shared on social media, reported Liverpool Echo.

One said: "What an idiotic, absolutely stupid, cruel, show off thing to do."

Another said: "Sick! Hope someone knows who this is and reports them."

A woman who claimed she was the owner of the horse also responded, saying: "Shame as it means the people who like to give them a stroke won't be able to now.

"Some people just spoil everything for everyone but we need to keep them safe."

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Another responded: "My little boy will absolutely devastated over this.

"He’s only three and his fave part of the week is seeing the horses and going to Sayers on the way back for a sausage roll.

"Don’t know why people are so cruel."

Last month, a man in Florida was filmed deliberately hitting an alligator and its nest of eggs with a lawn mower.

Steven Dariff, 59, was charged with alligator poaching and felony cruelty to animals of the incident on June 10.

The animal was severely wounded and had to be humanely euthanised to end its suffering, according local reports.

They also found several broken alligator shells from a nest at the scene.

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