Sick moment Logan Mwangis killer mum cried crocodile tears as cops quizzed her

Sick footage of the moment a killer mum cried fake tears for the five-year-old son she had killed has been released by police.

Angharad Williamson, who was today found guilty at Cardiff crown court of killing her son Logan Mwangi, played the worried mother when police came to tell her that the five-year-old had been found – all the while knowing that her vicious partner had dumped the boy’s dead body by a river.

Video footage from police officers’ body-worn cameras showed the moment Williamson demanded to see the boy, pretending to cry and saying “If he's unconscious he needs me, he needs warm clothes, he needs mum. I feel so useless.”

Then, in what could have been an admission of guilt, she adds “This is all my fault”.

Other footage from the police cameras shows Williamson, 31, being consoled by her partner John Cole, even though it was Cole that inflicted the horrific injuries that led to little Logan’s death.

Williamson can be heard saying on the video: “Why am I not allowed to see my biological son? He is unconscious, why is he unconscious?”

Cole, 40, who had dumped Logan’s shattered body near a river 400 yards from their home replies : “Listen, I don't know, I don't know…”

Williams then cries: “All I am getting is answers like this why is no one telling me what is going on?”

  • Logan Mwangi's mother, 30, charged with murder of boy, 5, found dead in river

Logan, was found in the River Ogmore in Sarn, south Wales, in July last year with injuries described as like those suffered by a high-speed car crash victim.

He had suffered more than 56 external wounds, as well as horrific internal injuries – including a large tear to his liver and one to his bowel.

Williamson lied repeatedly to detectives investigating her son’s death, failing to tell police about a vicious attack on Logan by Cole and a teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons .

Later claiming she had been too scared to reveal the truth, Williamson eventually admitted the truth about the vicious assault in her fifth police interview.

She said in court that she was a “s*** mother" to Logan – recusing to allow him out of his "dungeon-like" room in the days leading up to his tragic death.

  • Logan Mwangi: Teen, 14, charged with murder of 5-year-old boy found dead in river

Williamson broke down in tears as she told Cardiff Crown Court about the incident , two days before Logans’ death.

She said that Cole was angry with Logan because he was stuttering:“He stuttered again and [Cole] punched him twice to the stomach, he fell on his bum and hit his elbows on the floor. I went forward and he blocked the way to the kitchen.

"He asked for [the youth] to come from the living room into the hallway and said: ‘If he flinches again or stutters sweep him’.

“He did and he pushed his head to the ground.”

Asked what she did next, Williamson replied: "I jumped over, grabbed Logan, and said: ‘Go to your room and stay there’.”

She said Cole and the teenager had “overstepped the mark”.

As well as the murder charge, all three defendants were accused of perverting the course of justice, including moving Logan’s body to the river near Pandy Park, removing his clothing, washing bloodstained bed linen, and making a false missing person report to police.

Cole, Williamson, and the youth were all convicted of murder on Thursday while both Williamson and the youth were found guilty of perverting the course of justice. They will be sentenced at a later date.

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