Shark left with bite marks on skin after mating with sex-mad sea beast

A diver has captured a thrilling scene underwater when a shark swam past him with a rather brutal looking scar on its gills.

Filmmaker Jalil Najafov, from Azerbaijan, who has a passion for sharks and the ocean, enjoyed a close encounter with the apex predator when he was exploring in the sea.

Video posted on his Instagram shows a massive "mating scar" just above the gills of the sea beast.

Teeth marks can be seen on the curved scarring as it swims past Jalil.

Dedicating his life to filming and photographing sharks in their natural habitat, as well as educating people about sharks and the importance of preserving them, Jalil explained the marks are signs of "coercive mating".

"On rare occasions, during mating season among sharks, 'mating scars' appear on female sharks' bodies caused by the males holding onto them," he quoted from a scientific research from Erich K. Ritter & Raid W. Amin.

"These scars are mostly deeper cuts and punctures, indicating a more forceful motivation such as coercive mating from the male's side."

The video left his viewers stunned to see the shark swimming up close to the camera as they admired its beauty.

But one cheeky fan joked: "When the foreplay goes a little too far…."

Another added: "Yes very violent encounter if you ask me."

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Jalil hopes his videos could raise awareness to people to protect the sharks as he tells Daily Star: "One hundred million sharks are killed every year because of their fins.

"There is no ocean without sharks, so by saving sharks, we save the planet."

Last month, a "zombie" shark was spotted hunting for food despite having a large portion of its body having been bitten off by its predator.

The beast fought for its life for about 20 minutes before it succumbed to its fatal injuries.

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