Shameless sunbathers ignoring coronavirus lockdown in park blasted by police

Police have shared a shocking video of brazen people sunbathing in a London park despite the government's strict lockdown measures to halt the spread of coronavirus.

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, the government has banned gathering in groups of more than two and people are only allowed to leave their homes once a day for exercise or to buy essential food.

But this group in Shepherd's Bush flouted the rules and were reprimanded by an officer who spotted them.

In the video, a police van is seen parked up on one of the footpaths and a cop talking on the loudspeaker is angrily telling people to clear off.

He blasts: “Guys, you can’t stay on the green. Can you all go home? Can you all go home please? It’s not a holiday, it’s a lockdown which means you don’t just come here and sunbathe."

The group look in no hurry to leave and dawdle across the grass, prompting the police officer to shout through the loudspeaker again.

He tells them: “Can you please just leave? The government has a lockdown in force. Can you all just get off the green and go home?”

MPS Shepherds Bush later shared the video on Twitter and reminded people not to go “sunbathing in groups whilst we have a national health emergency”.

Angry commentators also aired their opinions about the “selfish” sunbathers on Twitter.

“What part of ‘Stay at home’ or ‘don’t go around in groups’ don’t people understand…Thick just doesn’t come close,” moaned one.

Calling for harsher methods, a second wrote: “Why should police risk getting coronavirus?

“Bring water cannon out simple. Don't they listen to NHS to staff pleading to us and not make their workload harder.

“What inconsiderate self-centered people spreading Coronavirus. Fine them £1,000.”

Even more extreme, a third said: “Taser and pepper spray the idiots. I don't think you'll find many who'd object at this time.

“You shouldn't have to be wasting time telling them what is quite clear.”

Police were also seen stopping and checking cars yesterday as they looked to enforce the lockdown.

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