‘Shady’ tour guide who ‘lured twins to croc waters’ rode creepy skull motorbike

A "shady" tour guide who lured British twins to swim in a crocodile-infested pool before a horrific attack rode around on a creepy motorbike bedecked with a skull and horns.

Backpacker Georgia Laurie, 28, heroically fought off the beast to save her identical sister Melissa from a croc's jaws by punching it in the face multiple times at the remote lagoon in Mexico.

The near-fatal attack happened when unlicensed tour guide Recep Aydin, 35, repeatedly told the twins that it would be safe to swim in a stream at night leading to the Manialtepec lagoon, The Sun reports.

But the area, 12 miles from the resort town of Puerto Escondido, was actually potentially deadly waters due to crocodile breeding ground.

Georgia was herself injured when she stepped in after hearing her sister's cry for help and found her floating face down on the surface.

As she dragged her twin to safety, the crocodile attacked again and savaged both women.

Locals reportedly claim Recep, who is thought to come from Germany, had been in the area for six months before the attack and was considered "a bit dodgy" and "shady" by locals.

He skipped town soon after the attack, fearing Melissa may not survive the terrifying attack, and sold his motorbike which had a distinguished skull and horns hooked on the handlebars.

But The Sun reports how the new owner took on a three-hour drive across Mexico to the southernmost state of Chiapas.

Georgia first knew something was wrong when she spotted her sister "jerking" in the water then saw the two-foot-long crocodile head emerged from the water.

"That’s when it grabbed her by the leg and got her in a death roll. She went round and round and it was trying to drag her away," she said.

Georgia jumped into action and incredibly fought off the beast three times as she tried to recover Melissa with a flurry of punches.

She was herself injured when pounding the final blows on the beast's snout before it retreated and she swam to safety.

The nasty attack, on June 6, left Melissa in a medically induced coma with water-filled lungs and abdominal wounds that penetrated her stomach and gut, which led to sepsis.

But since then, photos have emerged of Melissa recovering alongside her sister and friends in a hospital in Oaxaca.

Despite the terrifying trauma, the girls, from Sandhurst, Berkshire, have insisted they won't end their dream trip to Mexico early.

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