'Several' pets believed to have been lost in Longmont apartment fire

While there were no injuries to human residents during Sunday’s apartment fire in Longmont, officials said Monday several pets were killed.

The fire was reported at 5:07 p.m. Sunday in the in the 1200 block of Francis Street at a Longmont crime-free multi-housing building.

Firefighters contained the fire by 7:23 p.m. and were largely able to keep it from spreading to other buildings, though Longmont Public Safety spokesperson Robin Ericson said there was damage to the structures to the north and the south of the main fire.

“The efforts of the fire departments involved saved those properties from fire extension and further loss,” Ericson said.

Longmont Fire Department spokesman Patrick Kramer said no residents were injured but one firefighter did suffer a moderate burn to his leg. The firefighter was not hospitalized.

Kramer also said several pets were killed in the fire. Kramer said they recovered three cats from different units, while a dog was hit by a vehicle after it escaped a unit during the fire.

A hamster was also believed to be killed in the fire, though Kramer said firefighters were not able to recover the body.

Kramer said two investigators were on scene Monday morning and are “narrowing in” on a cause but have not determined one at this time.

Eight units were damaged, and Longmont Public Safety and Red Cross were working on arrangements for those displaced.

For those asking to donate to victims of the fire, Longmont Public Safety said people can donate via credit card online to The Well Church at longmontwell.org/give-1 or by check or cash at The Well Church, 1240 Francis St.

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