Selfish bride slammed for calling Covid-strewn wedding best day of our lives

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For many brides, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives and they can be so focused on it that for a while nothing else matters.

And that certainly seems to have been the case for one happy newlywed who wrote on Facebook that, despite her wedding reception turning into a Covid-19 super spreader event, she’d happily do it all over again.

"One week ago was the best day of our lives and despite the absolute mess of Covid spreading I would relive it again and again," she wrote.

She went on to say that she was "very sorry" that people caught coronavirus at her wedding.

However, she went on to say that "we keep reminding ourselves that (1) we broke no rules as there are no restrictions (2) we didn't force anyone to go (3) it was everyone's personal choice.

"Some people have made us feel guilty for what happened but this was nothing we anticipated. We point no fingers as we know this was a risk.

"All we care about was no one was terribly sick. If we can get through this, honey we can get through it all.”

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The Facebook post reposted to Reddit’s Wedding Shaming thread which collects the worst excesses of Bridezillas (and let’s be fair, a pretty hefty number of Groomzillas too).

It was the cheery winking emoji at the end of the announcement that proved a step too far for one commenter, who wrote: "The wink at the end seals it.

"People are just now starting to get sick from an illness that can potentially kill them. They caught it at my irresponsible event. Tee hee!"

Others pointed out the discrepancy between the Covid outbreak after the wedding being "Nothing we anticipated" while the couple also "Knew this was a risk".

One commenter seethed: "Those two lines made my blood boil. For almost two years now weddings have been MAJOR super spreaders.

"Jesus, the one that couple had in Maine and 8 people died? And the 8 people who died weren’t even guests of the wedding, they just got it from people who did attend. Like… how do you just dust off your hands and post something so callous?? Something tells me that she’s selfish about a lot of things."

Is this the worst case of wedding self-centredness you’ve come across? Let other Star readers know in the comments below!

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