Sci-fi fan who pretends to be Iron Man spends £80,000 making his own rocket suit

An Iron Man fan was caught on video testing the jetpack he has spent the last two years designing at a cost of £80,000.

Liu Dongsheng, 34, from the Chinese province of Yunnan, managed to spend just under five minutes in the air while hovering at a height of around 3 metres (9.8 feet).

Dongsheng has reportedly spent CNY 700,000 (£80,188) developing the rocket pack over the past two years as a hobby which now could earn him some serious money.

The jetpack can reach heights of between 100 and 200 metres (328-656 feet) but has to remain at a maximum altitude of just three metres off the ground on land for protective and environmental reasons.

Dongsheng and his team have applied for a patent for the flying suit while continuing to improve its design and carry out further tests.

He revealed that he plans to take part in a test flight over the Yellow or Lancang River soon.

Dongsheng said that he always loved watching sci-fi movies since he was an infant and is a big fan of the character Iron Man from the Marvel comics.

He revealed that he sometimes imagines himself as the fictional billionaire Tony Stark when hovering in the air.

Dongsheng said the jetpack is lightweight and very easy to wear.

The rocket pack boasts five small turbojet engines with 600 horsepower.

He said that he plans to start a business to develop the suit and begin producing them.

This comes after it was reported that China is making Iron Man-style suits so that workers in factories can lift heavy weights that would otherwise be beyond human possibility.

And the Royal Navy has tested a jet suit to assess if they could be used to swarm enemy ships.

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