Sarah Everard killer only 2nd Brit ever handed whole life order for one murder

Depraved and perverted PC Wayne Couzens has become just the second person in the UK to ever be sentenced to a whole-life order fo carrying out a single murder for the horrific end he inflicted upon Sarah Everard.

The depraved ex-police officer kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah while pretending to be on duty.

On Thursday, September 30, he was jailed for the rest of his life at the Old Bailey with no chance of parole.

The twisted killer used his warrant card and cited coronavirus restrictions when he stopped Sarah, handcuffed her and bundled her into his car.

The marketing executive was reported missing by her boyfriend Josh Lowth on March 4, with her remains found in a large builder's bag in Ashford, Kent, a week later.

Couzens was arrested on March 9 where he told police that he was suffering with financial problems and a gang of Eastern Europeans had threatened him to deliver a girl to them.

Couzens was caught on CCTV two days after Ms Everad was last seen, buying two green rubble bags at B&Q, and had ordered a bungee cargo net and tarpaulin for delivery.

Despite his phone being wiped, his cell site data linked him to the abduction and the area where Ms Everard was eventually found.

Justice Fulford said that he was "not in the slightest doubt" that Couzens deliberately used his status as a police officer to prey upon "an intelligent, talented and much-loved woman".

  • Sarah Everard's parents ask for photo of her to be shown in court in emotional statement

He added: "The defendant had planned well in advance, in all of its unspeakably grim detail, what was to occur. Her state of mind and what she had to endure on a journey of 80 miles would have been as bleak and agonising as it is to imagine."

Thomas Mair, 58, who murdered MP Jo Cox five years ago was the only other person to have been sentenced to a whole-life order in the UK for a single murder.

Approximately 100 whole-life sentences have been issued in the UK since 1983, but the severity of these two murders are why these are the only ones with a single victim that made the list.

Thomas Mair repeatedly shot and stabbed Cox in an attack during the EU referendum campaign in June 2016.

  • Killer police officer Wayne Couzens tried to blame Sarah Everard murder on gangsters

While attacking her said: “This is for Britain”, “keep Britain independent”, and “Britain first”.

Mr Justice Wilkie said Mair would have to serve a whole-life sentence due to the “exceptional seriousness” of the offence: a murder committed to advance a cause associated with Nazism.

He said: "It is evident from your internet searches that your inspiration is not love of country or your fellow citizens, it is an admiration for Nazis and similar anti-democratic white supremacist creeds.

“Our parents’ generation made huge sacrifices to defeat those ideas and values in the second world war. What you did … betrays those sacrifices.”

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