Russian stunners viral pro-Putin rant gets her kicked out of Ukrainian uni

A Russian stunner living in Ukraine has been forced to apologise after after taking to TikTok to brag about having a Russian passport and being in support of despotic Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of the country she calls home.

The weird rant happened earlier this week, with the woman – apparently named Diana Gordy – seemingly not caring about what could happen to her.

According to reports, she was kicked out of the university she studied at, and was being investigated by Ukraine's secretive security service.

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Video footage of her rant, which she later blamed on being drunk, went viral online, as two later videos of her apologizing.

In her selfie apology video on YouTube, she said (according to Google Translate): “I would like to apologise to everyone for what happened yesterday on my live broadcast on Tik Tok.

“And above all, to the Ukrainian people there, to all the people who saw this video, the situation is very good, a very good experience from the beginning of the war. which I had from this.

“A rather unpleasant situation turned out.

“I recently threw out the video, it fell and it was very short for me, it was not there yet.

“As I understand it, I would like to apologize for the fact that it is very difficult for me and I understand how it looks.”

Another video was later posted on a Ukrainian news site of the woman standing in front of a Ukrainian flag.

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She said almost the exact same thing as her self-filmed video, except she added: “I did not think about the consequences.

“The security service of Ukraine spoke and (told me) of my mistake.

“At the beginning of the war I helped with the financial reports of the armed forces of Ukraine…and I apologise for my words and will continue to help the armed forces of Ukraine.”

The woman's apology did not go down well with those on Ukraine's Reddit forum.

Many called for her to be detained and deported for her actions.

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Although some called for her to be sent to the “occupied parts of Ukraine” instead.

One wrote: “It’s mind blowing how she could be living in Ukraine knowing the suffering that is playing out possibly just miles away from her and she is actually buying into the Russian propaganda about it all.

“How did she make it into university being so clearly f**king dumb!

“She should be deported back to Russia as soon as possible.”

And another posted: “She might have done this to be edgy, and probably is a narcissist.

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“However, there is a war in this country, and people are paranoid for good reason.

“They don't want people who are pro invasion to do these shinangins (sic) or worse like giving coordination of troops to name one of the bigger ones.

“Also, jail time can be worse than being kicked out of university because that s**t carries with you to all your future employers.”

Many users also likened the woman to cult horror character Wednesday Addams.

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