Rubbish collectors refusing to pick up bins in case lid hits them in the face

Fed-up dustmen are being told to leave people's overfilled bins over fears that the lids will hit them in the face.

Over-capacity bins without 'flat lids' are having stickers put on them instead under recent health and safety measures introduced by Bassetlaw Council, which mirror recent moves by local authorities across the United Kingdom.

Yellow warning stickers will be put on bins with slightly open lids from February 1, while a red sticker means a collection has been entirely refused by workers.

It means that some households are having to wait an entire month to have their rubbish taken away after having their bins rejected, with an increasing number of areas opting for two-week or even three-week collections.

Any waste left next to bins is also being ignored by binmen under the guidance, which includes the town of Retford in Nottinghamshire.

Some have raised fears that the new rules will lead to an increase of fly-tipping from people who have excess rubbish.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told LincolnshireLive: "All it's going to do is encourage fly-tipping. There's loads of it happening around here already.

"You can't help but have your bin lids stick up a bit.

"When your bin's overflowing or you're having to leave extra bags by the side, then it needs taking – not leaving for another fortnight. I don't see what good that'll do.

Resident Chris Rushton, 62, said that the policy might encourage some residents to be more responsible with their waste.

He said: "Sometimes you see bins where the lid is open all the way back and that's perhaps unreasonable.

"To some extent, people have got to be responsible. You can't leave a mountain of rubbish out and expect someone else to come along and deal with it – and there is a tip.

"But when is the bin classed as 'not closed'? Will they be using any discretion?"

He added that he thought larger families should be offered a second or bigger bin.

The Daily Star has approached Bassetlaw Council for comment.

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