Rotting from the top! Emmanuel Macrons lies savaged as French election nears

Angela Merkel says she will ‘miss Emmanuel Macron’

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In the speech, Mr Macron warned that the fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic was sweeping Europe, citing rising case numbers in France and cautioning viewers that the “pandemic is not over.” He spoke of an accelerated vaccination campaign, urging the population: “To those not yet vaccinated: get vaccinated. Get vaccinated to protect yourselves. Get vaccinated to live normally.”

France’s health pass system means that this proof of immunity is required for those in France to gain access to everyday amenities and public places, including gyms, restaurants, bars and libraries.

It shows that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recently recovered from the disease or has just registered a negative coronavirus test.

A third, booster jab against COVID-19 is currently available in France for those over 65 years old, or who have underlying medical conditions which classify a person as vulnerable to COVID-19.

Mr Macron announced in his speech that those aged 50 and over will be eligible for this booster as of next month and that the currently eligible will soon have to produce proof of receipt of their booster to keep their health pass valid.

Reacting to the news, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, presidential candidate for the Debout la France party which he founded in 1999, condemned Mr Macron’s approach on social media.

He took to Twitter to call the President’s speech “a web of lies in all areas.”

He wrote: “The Health Pass as a panacea, vaccination of the whole world to get out of it, France “at the forefront” in research on treatments… Who can believe a President who is such a liar and out of touch with reality?”

He added that Macron “shows his sick disconnection with reality,” and railed against the imposition of a third dose on the over-50s and its condition as part of the Health Pass.

He tweeted: “Macron talks about freedom, but he shackles the French: the health pass trap is closing in on the vaccinated… if they refuse a 3rd, a 4th dose, it will be deactivated! Never-ending!”

Bastien Lachaud, member of La France Insoumise, was scathing towards Mr Macron, saying that Mr Macron’s government “lie” and “govern without consulting.”

He added: “The 5th Republic is rotting from the top. We must change the system.”

Mr Macron’s long-time political rival, right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, slammed Mr Macron’s half-hour speech.

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She said: “The third dose will therefore have been nothing more than an excuse to make a campaign speech in which almost all the statements are highly questionable.

“Unemployment, insecurity, purchasing power… Macron’s parallel world is far from the realities that the French live in!”

Laurent Jacobelli, fellow RN party politician, joined Ms Le Pen’s shouts of condemnation, posting: “Tonight Macron wants to impose a third vaccine dose on us, but above all, he is campaigning.

“And a second dose of Macron would be the worst treatment for a France that is suffering so much.

He continued: “Macron did not say a word about immigration or violence.

“This is a President who has made a report of good things, but forgotten his failures.”

President of the Union of Democrats and Independents, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, zeroed in on Macron’s COVID-19 statements, saying: “Tonight, in his speech, the President abused his position to promote the hidden candidate that he already is!

“Concerning the vaccine recall, he concealed from the French that the obligation of a new dose to keep one’s health pass would soon be applied to all.”

This fierce criticism comes ahead of the French presidential elections, the first round of which will take place on April 10, 2022.

Recent polls have noted the surprising surge of the right-wing pundit Eric Zemmour’s popularity, but analysis suggests Mr Macron still sits comfortably in opinion poll ratings ahead of April 2022.

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