Rescue dogs’ incredible transformations from dirty pooches to pristine pets

Pictures of the amazing transformations of rescue dogs in a US competition have been released – and the difference is truly staggering.

The adorable pooches are all contestants in the Annual Dirty Dog Contest which highlights what can be done with man's best friend with a little patience and love.

These five have all been groomed to perfection with the 2020 winner earning $5,000 (£3,789).

The competition isn't just about vanity, it showcases the work shelters do helping to find these beautiful animals new homes, writes

The winner of this year's top prize was Scruffy, found on the side of a road and covered in debris in Virginia.

He was taken to Lost Fantasy Rescue in Ceres and his dirty matted appearance was completely transformed.

The rescue bagged $5,000 and Scruffy found himself a new home.

Arguably the most shocking picture involved six months Staffie Florence who was riddled with Mange when she turned up at The Little Red Dog in Lake Forest, California.

Shy Florence got medical treatment and was placed with a loving foster family, turning her into the playful and beautiful pooch she is now.

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Little Red Dog received a $2,000 (£1,515) prize after judges gave her second place in this year's competition.

When Patterson arrived at Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Austin, Texas, he had a broken jaw.

A soft muzzle which helped him recover left him with irritated skin and matted fur but some good ol' Texas hospitality soon got him on the mend.

He won third place according to the judges and his rescuer was given $1,000 (£756).

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Poor Barbie was brought into Lehigh County Humane Society in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with her companion Ken (obviously).

She could hardly see from under her matted fur but she was soon looking cute

She then comforted Ken through amputation surgery and the pair were eventually adopted together.

Cute Buddy was looking a little matted a careworn when he arrived at Animal VILLAGENM in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

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Yet with some pampering he was soon looking like the distinguished dog he is.

His new found sophistication also helped him find a new home.

Toko, another cute pup, had suffered years of neglect before landing at Whitman County Humane Society in Pullman, Washington.

His skin was raw but with some care and attention the matted canine made a remarkable transformation.

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Good news is he was adopted by a member of the grooming staff and now apparently plenty of baths and snacks.

The competition saw thousands of entries with those above just a few of the top dogs.

A similar competition runs in the UK every year called the Style To Rescue.

You can find more details about the 2021 competition here.

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