Reddit user shares Christmas haul – but leaves x-rated item in background

A Reddit user left people online in stitches when they shared their Christmas present online but left x-rated items in the background.

The user, u/L29JL, posted a photo of their classic Lynx Africa deodorant gift set they received on the big day on a Reddit thread tagged NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

However, the iconic Lynx set which most blokes from age 13 and upwards tend to get in their stocking, was not the most telling part of the snap.

The user failed to mention anything about the x-rated items on display on a bedside table in the background of the picture – a display of sex toys.

There is an array of dildos and lube products standing on top of the side table featuring prominently and most likely within hands reach.

The post – we're hoping was a joke and not a genuine embarrassing blunder by the poster – was upvoted 4.4k times and has more than 200 comments.

One top comment pointed out: "Love how you keep your Pritt Stick near your dildo collection!"

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They were referring to the glue stick and pair of scissors below the x-rated display, although it's not been explained as to why they're so close by either.

A second user responded: "Bold to assume it's not just part of the collection."

A third person said: "My eyes are a bit blurry, is that a nativity scene in the background?"

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They took the Christmas spirit of the post to a whole new level.

While a fourth decided to rant over the picture – but not for the purpose you may think initially.

They penned: "This is absolutely disgusting and I can't understand why the mods would leave this up.

"It's disgusting and appalling to show us this, a gift with the price still on it.

"It isn't right."

The Boots green Christmas label caused a lot of offence with many other users.

Although, one eagle-eyed viewer claimed the design of the sticker is from last year, debunking the possibility the picture is a recent one.

Regardless, one user finally wrote about the Lynx Africa set itself, asking: "Well, what else do you get someone who already has everything?!"

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