‘Real-life Rocky Balboa’ dad electrocuted with 11,000 volts in factory tragedy

Loving dad and real-life 'Rocky Balboa' was electrocuted with 11,000 volts while working at a pet food factory.

Dean Anthony Reynolds, 45, died in December last year, 17 months after the incident in Driffield.

His daughter said he was the real-life version of Sylvester Stallone's iconic boxing character.

The aftermath of the tragedy was aired on Helicopter ER earlier this week (April 12), forcing daughter Leah Sophie Reynolds to relive the event.

The mechanical engineer worked at C&D Foods when he went into an electricity transformer following a power cut, writes HullLive.

He was then suddenly electrocuted at a high voltage.

He was fighting for his life as paramedics had to wait until the current had been switched off to rush in to reach him.

TV crews captured the 45-year-old loving dad laying on the ground near the electricity box.

Fire crews then took a 'calculated risk' and dragged him away from the transformer.

Dean was placed into an artificial coma at the scene as viewers heard how his heart was racing and he was wheezing, which could have been a symptom of burns to his lungs.

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Dean survived the incident, but daughter Leah believes these moments led to his death 17 months later.

She said: "I believe my dad's accident was part of the reason why he passed away but again that's just what I think.

"There wasn't any evidence on the postmortem for natural or unnatural causes. We're still awaiting an inquest date."

She added that her dad had seizures but due to the coronavirus pandemic his appointments were cancelled and Dean never received a diagnosis.

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Leah said: "He was a great father, he was such a character. Everybody pretty much knew him in Hull, to be honest- once you met him you wouldn’t forget him.

"He was really funny, he loved his Strongbow on a night when he got home from work. He was our main parent – he was really lovely and he had a heart of gold."

Dean's kindness towards people will be one of the biggest things he is remembered for, his daughter said.

She wishes her new daughter Isla would have been able to meet her grandad, and that she and her brother, Sam, miss Dean since he passed away.

"He really loved Rocky Balboa the film, he was obsessed with them. At his funeral we played 'Eye of the Tiger'," Leah said.

"I used to always say he was a real-life Rocky Balboa because he was quite a big fella and he had the dressing gown with Rocky on the back."

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