Raunchy couples caught out in court from lockdown swingers to loud outdoor sex

Raunchy couples have found themselves in court after steamy encounters landed them into hot water with the law.

From loud sex sessions disturbing neighbours to a lockdown sex party that left multiple swingers busted, the courts don't take too kindly to those less-than discreet lovers.

Just this week, Lancashire Crown Court advised Kristin Morgan to apply for a grant to insulate her walls since her bedroom antics prompted several noise complaints to environmental health.

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Morgan, representing herself in court, told magistrates that she had moved into a rundown house and that she was saving for better insulation and said "we don't mean to be loud."

Her loud romps were at least indoors, unlike one couple who landed themselves in court after they were spotted in the act outside.

Police had arrested a couple apparently having sex in a park near a children's playground, with an image of the pair shared to Facebook by a woman walking by with her dog.

She wrote: "Just when you think you've seen it all!" of the incident that is said to have lasted several hours, LancashireLive reported.

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The park-based couple were not the only pair to land themselves in court for distasteful public acts, with a couple taken to court under the suspicion of having sex in front of hundreds of onlookers.

Joe Firby and Kelly Cousins were charged with outrageous public indecency after the two were spotted having sex in a busy part of Liverpool.

Both suspects are set to appear at Liverpool Magistrate's Court on September 20.

Another sexually-charged romp that landed inhabitants in hot water was a "large gathering" above a shop that turned out to be a sex party.

A number of sex workers and their customers were caught in the act in a flat above a shop, with the party brought to a swift end when the brothel was raided.

Offenders were hit with fixed penalty notices for breaching coronavirus regulations, with officers heading up to the first floor flat to break down the sex party, MEN reported.

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It wasn't the only crime-oriented sex act spotted in the UK recently, with a Blackburn-based woman pleading guilty to outraging public decency after she was caught having sex while trying to break into cars.

Corallena Loveridge also pleaded guilty to vehicle interference and failing to comply with post-sentence supervision.

A witness to her sex act claims to have called the police fearing she may have been the victim of a sexual assault attack, with officers breaking up the lovemakers.

Peter Kelly, prosecuting, said that it "became clear she [Loveridge] was a willing participant."

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