Rare weather phenomenon ‘fogbow’ captured across UK leaving onlookers thrilled

A rare weather phenomenon knows as a fogbow has been captured in parts of the UK, leaving onlookers thrilled.

A fogbow, also known as a white rainbow, forms like a traditional rainbow where sunlight interacts with water droplets.

However, unlike a typical rainbow where these droplets are raindrops, in a fogbow these droplets instead come from fog, mist or cloud.

The droplets are also between 10 and 1,000 times smaller, which leads to the light being diffracted in a different way and makes the fogbow appear without any colour.

The stunning occurrence was visible on Saturday in parts of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

BBC Weather forecaster Dan Holley said: "On Saturday, the low cloud and fog thinned along parts of our coast, allowing the sun to break through, while fog persisted inland. This created ideal conditions for fogbows."

Sarah Sandys-Renton who witnessed the event told Great Yarmouth Mercury that it was "the most beautiful afternoon".

A similar spate of fogbow sightings took place in 2017, when the phenomenon was spotted over the skies of the Scottish Highlands.

A man initially thought he had seen a ghost when he was climbing a mountain and saw a figure looming out of the clouds.

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Thomas Swallow, 39, was hiking with his friends but he'd got a bit ahead so was completely alone when he turned and came face-to-face with a ghostly apparition.

He said he was completely taken aback, but then realised his eyes were playing tricks on him and what he was seeing was his own reflection mirrored back to himself.

What Thomas had seen was a rare optical illusion known as a brocken spectre – where a large shadow of an observer is cast onto cloud or mist.

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