Queen visited by vicar for private mass at Palace as she recovers from illness

The Queen prayed “home alone” today with a vicar who came to her as she nursed herself back to full health, according to reports.

Normally Her Majesty would go out to church on Sundays – but due to her recent bout of ill health, she was given her own one-to-one Holy Communion.

Last Sunday, the monarch didn’t attend her normal morning service because of illness, reports The Sun.

Earlier today, the Dean of Windsor is understood to have come to Windsor Castle to carry out a full private mass, which can last up to 90 minutes.

Grape juice was reportedly used instead of wine for Her Majesty, who has stopped drinking alcohol.

She also reportedly only eats a small piece of bread throughout the service.

Buckingham Palace has been approached for comment.

On Friday the Palace announced the 95-year-old head of state was to only perform “light, desk-based duties” for at least two weeks.

It was also revealed that Camilla is preparing to take on a lot more responsibility whilst the Queen is resting on doctor's orders.

Four members of the royal family are 'Counsellors of State' with the responsibility to take over if Her Majesty is unable to perform her duties – for example when she is unwell or abroad.

The four current counsellors are Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. They were chosen because they are the four next in line to the throne who are over the age of 21.

But two of the four current counsellors are not working members of ‘The Firm’, with Harry stepping back from his duties and Andrew facing an ongoing lawsuit in America.

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With the Queen taking a break from her duties, palace aides are drafting plans for the Duchess of Cornwall to be appointed into the group of senior royals.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson praised the Queen as being “on very good form” during their weekly conversation.

He added: “She has been told by her doctors that she has got to rest and I think we have got to respect that and understand that and everybody wishes her all the very best.”

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