Queen aide ‘diagnosed with coronavirus while she was at Buckingham Palace’

A Buckingham Palace worker tested positive for coronavirus while the Queen was at the residence, according to reports.

Her Majesty, 93, was sent to Windsor Castle on Thursday over the outbreak that is claiming thousands of lives around the world.

But according to The Sun, the diagnosis was confirmed while she was still at the palace.

Sources say she remains in good health and that all staff who came into contact with the aide have been placed in self-isolation.

The aide reportedly tested positive last week, but it is not known how close they got to the Queen.

A source said: "The worker tested positive before the Queen left for Windsor. But the Palace has 500 members of staff so, like any workplace, it’s not inconceivable it would be affected in some stage."

A Palace spokesman said: “We wouldn’t comment on individual members of staff.

“In line with the appropriate guidance and our own processes, we have taken the necessary actions to protect all employees and people involved.”

Her Majesty is expected to give a speech over the virus, which has reportedly been encourage by the government.

A source from Number 10 said: "The voice of Her Majesty will provide calm reassurance that, ultimately, we will get through this."

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Yesterday the UK death toll jumped to 233 and the number of cases hit over 5,000.

On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the closure of pubs, clubs, theatres and restaurants.

He said: "Unless we act together, unless we make the heroic and collective national effort to slow the spread – then it is all too likely that our own NHS will be similarly overwhelmed.

"The Italians have a superb health-care system. And yet their doctors and nurses have been completely overwhelmed by the demand."

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