Putin’s ‘goddaughter’ narrowly escapes arrest over anti-war videos

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Ksenia Sobchak a Russian socialite, is thought to be Putin’s goddaughter and was forced to flee her country as agents came to arrest her following her alleged anti-war videos. Sobchak’s luxury mansion in Moscow was searched by agents on Wednesday morning just hours after she managed to flee.

The socialite posted YouTube videos where she could be seen mildly criticizing the war in Ukraine.

Sobchak, 40, is close to Putin with her father, a law professor, having been the President’s mentor, former boss, and the first post-Soviet mayor of St Petersberg.

Putin even attended Sobchak’s baptism which led people to believe he is her godfather.

However, despite the close ties, it seems that the Kremlin is serious about cracking down further on any anti-war sentiment.

According to Russian state-owned news organisations, while a group of agents were sent to her house, another group were also deployed to a VIP airport terminal.

However, their efforts were to no avail as Sobchak managed to board a flight to Lithuania via Belarus before the agents arrival.

An unnamed official told Tass news agency: “She left Moscow overnight after she bought tickets online for Dubai yesterday and Turkey today – she did that to fool the agents.”

The social media sensation with over three million followers has been careful during the conflict to refrain from making comments which could be seen to anger the Kremlin.

Despite this, she has made it clear that she feels censored around her true thoughts on the situation which may have been enough for the Kremlin to take action.

In Russia, criticising Putin’s conflict in Ukraine comes with a 10-year prison sentence and Ms Sobchak is now a high-profile target for the Kremlin.

A pro-Kremlin political analyst has said that the move has sent a major warning to all members of Russian society that no one is untouchable when it comes to the Kremlin’s clampdown against dissent.

Sergei Markov said: “If they can arrest the daughter of Putin’s patron…it means there are no untouchables.

“For some members of the elites, an arrest warrant for Sobchak is a blazing sign for the skies.”

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The day before Sobchak’s attempted arrest, the commercial director of her company was taken into custody over allegations of extortion.

Ms Sobchak said: “My editorial team and I view this as yet another example of pressure against journalists.

“There’s nothing to fault us with…They keep detaining my journalists.

“Now they’ve taken in Kirill and concocted charges against him.”

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