Putin very ill with blood cancer says top oligarch in secret recording

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The health of despotic Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a turn for the worse, according to a close oligarch ally.

In a leaked recording, one of Russia's top oligarchs has claimed that Putin is “very ill with blood cancer”.

Although no details have been given as to which oligarch – believed to be a Western businessman – have been revealed, the person was recorded without permission, according to New Lines Magazine,

In the recording, the man can also be heard calling Putin “crazy” over his failing invasion of Ukraine, and also slammed him for “destroying” Russia's economy.

He said: “He absolutely ruined Russia ’s economy, Ukraine ’s economy and many other economies — ruined them absolutely.

“The problem is with his head.

“One crazy guy can turn the world upside down.”

Although New Lines Magazine, who appear to have obtained the recording, didn't give a name, they did state that the recording was 11 minutes long, and that the man lives outside of Russia but was on Forbes' 200 richest Russian businessmen list in 2021.

The claims of Putin's ill health tally with what body language expert Mike Carter said earlier this week after the country's Victory Day parade on Monday.

Putin was shown looking frail, while sitting on a chair covered in a blanket.

Mr Carter said: “"His breathing is very shallow which could be some kind of pain he is enduring. We hold our breath when something mentally isn't right.”

Telegram channel General SVR – allegedly run by an ex-Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general – said the despot has been informed by doctors that the op will incapacitate him "for a short time".

He will supposedly need to hand over the reins of power to an aide for a brief period.

There has been no official confirmation in relation to Putin being in ill health.

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