Putin stooge claims nuclear strike ready’ – but warned it may ‘destroy planet’

An enraged Kremlin lawmaker has threatened the West that a nuclear attack is “very possible” – before being awkwardly reprimanded by his Russian State TV co-host.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has held the threat of using his country’s nuclear arsenal over the West since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, warning that there could be consequences “greater than any in history” if NATO intervenes directly.

But, with his forces reportedly failing to achieve their objectives, and being forced to reroute away from attacking the capital Kyiv, some fear that the despot would be more likely to start World War 3 than accept defeat in Ukraine.

In an explosive tirade on Russian State TV, shared by journalist Amanda Davis on Twitter, one Kremlin representative appeared to have had enough of waiting for nuclear missiles to be deployed, despite warnings that this could wipe out Russian civilisation.

Alexey Zhuravlyov urged: “We demonstrated the Sarmat [ballistic missile]. There was a reason we showed it to the whole world because all decisions have been made and we’re ready.

“A tactical nuclear strike is very possible, I don’t even doubt it.

“And no one will step in to defend Ukraine, no matter what kind of weapons are used there. They’re afraid of tactical nuclear weapons.”

Alexey’s co-host Evgeny Popov was slightly more measured in his response, observing: “I’m certain that our armed forces are capable of achieving all the goals set before them without using such things capable of destroying an entire planet.

“It’s alright that you’re scaring foreigners, but you’re scaring our people, citizens of Russia.”

The enraged lawmaker simply doubled down, suggesting that any nuclear retaliation from the West to an attack could be stopped by Russian defences.

“We have a system that can intercept hypersonics, so everything is going to be fine,” he suggested.

In response, Evgeny pointed out that targets in Russia had already been hit by Ukrainian bombing, noting: “So we’re not intercepting everything."

This comes as the UK’s Chief of Defence Staff has suggested that 25% of Russian forces have already been taken out during the war as losses continue to mount for the President.

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