Putin accused of taking muscle-enhancing bodybuilder steroids

Vladimir Putin has been accused of taking muscle-enhancing 'bodybuilder' steroids that turn users aggressive.

A former foreign secretary and medical doctor Lord Owen has said the Russian President's face appears to have changed.

The steroids which the Russian leader is reportedly taking can cause personality changes too.

It is said that the changes to Putin's appearance could be down to taking a muscle-boosting drugs.

Lord Owen told Times Radio: "Look at his face, see how that has changed – he now has an oval face.

"People who said, oh, it's plastic surgery or Botox, I don't believe that at all."

The medical doctor went on to explain how the drug changes users appearance.

He continued: "He's on either anabolic steroids as a bodybuilder – and he's very proud of his muscles and strips to the waist and everything like that – or he's on corticosteroids.

"If you're on these drugs, this gives you this face.

"It reduces your immunity and makes you more vulnerable to Covid.

"This man has been in complete isolation, quite extraordinary, won't see anybody, stays miles away, tremendous pressures.

"Which indicates he's on a steroid and probably, maybe, a combination of both."

According to the former foreign secretary, the Russian prime minister who ordered an invasion on Ukraine last week, has had a change in personality since using the muscle-boosting steroids.

He added: "And we ought to fess up to it, that carries with it, particularly anabolic steroids, bodybuilders, aggressiveness that comes through."

"I think his personality has changed, but don't believe he's mad.

"He's a very clever and able, and somebody who you don't want as an enemy, and he's ruthless.”

Since the invasion of Ukraine, bars and restaurant owners are hitting back at the aggressive president by pouring away Russian vodka.

One fuming owner has replaced all the stock at his Last Vegas restaurant with Ukrainian vodka ,which he sells for $5 (£3.80) a shot.

Each shot he has sold he has given the money to a humanitarian charity.

The founder of Evel Pie pizza restaurant in Las Vegas, Branden Powers, told The Independent he was doing his part “with what little we have to help the Ukrainian people”

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