Prince Philip ‘carried on wearing his wedding-day shoes for almost 75 years’

As the husband of one of the world’s wealthiest women, Prince Philip could certainly afford shoes if he wanted them, and as Duke of Edinburgh he probably could have scored the occasional free pair if he asked nicely.

But the late Duke kept the simple pair of black lace-ups he wore on his wedding day, and wore them regular thought his life.

Those antique Oxfords may have needed re-soling now and then but, says his friend Lord Karan Bilimoria, Prince Philip was a sentimental man who walked one step behind his wife and monarch in a comfy pair of shoes he’d had all his life.

Lord Bilimoria told the Daily Mail that he’d discovered the secret of the shoes by chance when they were both visiting the Zoroastrian Centre in London, where guests are asked to take their shoes off before entering.

He told MailOnline: “We were next to each other and tying up our laces when he told me that those were the same shoes from his wedding day. It was amazing.

“Who knows how many times they would have been re-soled or repaired,” the founder of the Cobra Beer brand added, “but they were the original shoes. They were traditional black leather shoes. He had had those shoes literally for more than 60 years.”

Lord Bilimoria shared the heartwarming insight into the personality of a Duke who "preferred beer to champagne" as the nation prepares to say a final farewell to the longest-serving consort of a monarch.

The duke will be interred at St George's Chapel in Windsor in a small, intimate ceremony which begins at 3pm tomorrow which will be broadcast live.

This evening an Order of Service for the funeral was published which shows a string of musical pieces with deep personal connections to the royal.

Music chosen by the Duke, who served in the navy during World War 2, includes the hymn Eternal Father, Strong to Save – traditionally associated with seafarers and the maritime armed services.

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