Pornhub icon Mia Khalifas heartbreak after losing big Super Bowl bet

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Mia Khalifa has revealed she and her boyfriend "bet heavy" on the loser of the Super Bowl.

"We bet heavy on team orange," she wrote on her Instagram story, sidled up against her boyfriend, 28-year-old singer Jhay Cortez, after the game on Sunday, February 14,

"We really bet it all on orange Gatorade, LMAOOO the heartbreak in my voice," she added after the orange team, Cincinnati Bengals, lost by three points to the Los Angeles Rams.

It was an otherwise happy day for the ex Pornhub star, who turned 29 on February 10 and shared a scantily-clad picture of herself to make the occasion.

The birthday follows fake news of her death, after it was shared on her Facebook account.

But worry turned to celebration for fans of the ex-adult star when she announced her return "from the great beyond".

The former adult star saw her Facebook account suddenly being turned into a memorial page causing fans to worry what had happened.

In a cheeky message on January 30, Mia took to Twitter to ease fans' fears while using a meme from classic comedy, Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

Although she didn't write a message, the meme quotes: “I'm not dead yet! I feel fine!”

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One Twitter user commented: “Outstanding come back from the great beyond.”

It is still not known whether Mia was hacked or the incident was a prank.

The Facebook profile stated: "We hope that people who love Mia Khalifa will find comfort in visiting their profile to remember and celebrate their life."

Her profile photo had also been removed and above her name was the word "Remembering".

All her posts also disappeared from the page and were replaced by a section that allowed her "friends and family to remember and honour" her memory.

Worry from fans over Mia started during her porn career after she received several death threats from ISIS over her wearing a hijab in a sex scene.

An edited image of Mia facing being decapitated by an ISIS executioner was posted by the terrorist organisation with a message warning that she's going to hell.

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