Police investigating illegal warehouse rave release images of 38 revellers

Police are hunting for 38 people after hundreds of partygoers went to an illegal warehouse rave.

Around 700 people were involved in the Halloween bash in Yate, Gloucestershire, which lasted for nearly 24 hours.

Revellers pelted police with missiles including bottles, leaving some officers with minor injuries, BristolLive reports.

So far 12 people have been arrested in connection with the event on October 31 and officers have also identified around 12 more they want to interview.

They have now released images of a further 38 people they want to identify after the rave at a disused warehouse in Beeches Industrial Estate.

Det Supt Lisa Simpson said: “Whether or not we arrest them is down to the severity of the offence.

“It is likely some will be issued Covid breach fines.

“Suspected offences, including assaults on emergency workers, affray and more are still being looked at by our dedicated team of officers and staff.”

Police have fined two organisers, one in his 20s and another in his 30s, £10,000 each – the maximum possible penalty under coronavirus laws.

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Others might still be fined £10,000 for organising the event, while people might be fined for breaches such as being in a place with 30 people.

Police intelligence didn’t detect the party beforehand.

Det Supt Lisa Simpson explained why police intervened more than during raves in the summer.

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She said: “The restrictions were very different.

“On the Halloween weekend, Boris Johnson had just announced we were going into tight lockdown again.

“The Covid rate was escalating very swiftly in Bristol and the wider Bristol areas.

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“This was confined in a more dangerous Covid context.”

Police shut down the rave after 24 hours, but were there “within 12 minutes of the first call”.

Det Supt Simpson said officers tried to stop people entering – “not least because they were putting themselves at risk” – and stopped hundreds more.

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She praised the officers for being “courageous” and said they faced “totally outrageous” behaviour.

And she blasted the “aggressive and dangerous antics of those attacking police” as being “inexcusable and unacceptable”.

Although she is not aware of any officers needing hospital treatment, some were left “walking wounded”.

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She said: “They would have felt that even though they had shields and dogs, they had a crowd several times larger than them, throwing bottles at them.

“Some individuals ran en masse into the officers who were trying to keep them back.

“More serious injuries could have been predicted for officers, but luckily they were minor.

“The fear of contracting Covid is as real for officers as it is for people in the community.”

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She slammed the “selfish” ravers whose actions cost a £64,000 police response.

Around 10 people a day have been analysing bodycam footage.

But Avon and Somerset Police is not looking at bringing all 700 people involved to justice, as it would be “disproportionate”.

She defended the use of dogs, saying they were there to “help make noise and demonstrate a visible and audible presence to push the crowd back”.

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