Poison meat in shelter for paralysed dogs kills 12 pooches in horror incident

A poison food attack has killed 12 dogs in a shelter for paralysed pooches after contaminated meat was thrown into the yard of the charity grounds.

Moroccan Animal Aid (MAA) have been forced to relocate after the attack, which saw offal and intestines thought to have been laced with poison thrown over a fence.

The distribution of the poisonous meat was allegedly from a neighbour, who threw the poisoned meat over and into a yard where the dogs ate the toxic grub/

Workers attempted to revive the dogs, pumping their stomachs of the meat, but in total nine of the dogs were tragically killed.

Rescuers were said to be dealing with so much poison it made their "eyes sting," according to founder Lucy Austin, who added that a further three dogs died in the months after the alleged poison attack.

Austin said: "The same thing happened a few months later. In that case, however, we were able to take all the dogs to the vet where they were given an antidote for the poison and were put on special medicine."

Following the two attacks, MAA relocated its headquarters to a more rural area without neighbours or risk of poisonous meat attacks.

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Austin said the first incident happened just half an hour after the dogs were put out for the day, after which staff noticed the dogs were salivating, shaking and going into shock.

The shelter founder, who said no vets were available because it was Ramadan, said: "We were trying to evacuate the stomachs of the dogs ourselves with charcoal and olive oil, which is a natural remedy.

"Some of the dogs vomited and we found blue intestines and offal that was so soaked in poison that it was burning our eyes."

Three dogs suffered serious blood issues for three months after the poisonous attacks, Daily Mail reported.

Austin hopes to complete the move to the new shelter "within 12 months, so we can get away from the threat of poison" and has set up a fundraiser to help the poor pups.

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