Petrol shortage not an issue – its lack of brain cells we need to worry about

There is no shortage of petrol in the UK. Instead we have a chronic lack of something equally important.

Brain cells.

Never have so many people behaved so idiotically over the delay in fuel reaching petrol stations.

Stacking your boot up high with jerry cans full of the stuff to store at home is lethal. And then there are the utter imbeciles using plastic water bottles, buckets and literally any container that will hold liquid.

Obviously, all these people already have full tanks too. They are just greedy, selfish gits. Then there are those who are resorting to violence and starting forecourt fights. One bloke even turned up for his unleaded clutching a knife.

Meanwhile, those who are running on empty are left with nothing.

Now I’ve totally lost the plot with how you define a “key worker” so not entirely sure how ensuring they got first dibs would be achieved.

Obviously front-line NHS staff and emergency services personnel go without saying. Likewise tanker drivers themselves.

But where do you then stop? As we’ve learnt during the pandemic it’s the often sneered-at, lowly paid jobs that are really key to our ­survival – the supermarket workers, the lorry drivers, those responsible for keeping our streets clean, our sewage flowing and our lights running.

Groups that it doesn’t include definitely encompass politicians like London’s David Lammy who bemoaned the fact he had to drive miles and queue for hours to fill his motor up. Aside from the fact he can work from home via a laptop and phone, he also lives in the capital city. Blessed with a public transport system that operates around the clock.

Still, if politicians had the brains they were born with we probably wouldn’t be where we are, would we? Hopefully the petrol pillocks will calm down and the crisis will be over before it even really began.

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The Government was warned by road haulage experts this was ­going to happen back in June. What did they do? Yep, bugger all.

Instead they wait until we’re literally staring down the barrel of a fuel nozzle to tell us “not to panic”. Resulting in, er, total and utter panic.

Because whatever any politician says these days our gut reaction is to do the
opposite. Even worse are those remoaner types who are positively loving this latest mess. You know the ones, the self-important elites who blame EVERYTHING on Brexit.

The fact that we have a shortage of 100,000 HGV (including tanker)drivers in this country and only approximately 12,000 went home
after we left the EU is lost on them.

Talking of HGVs, my favourite bit of research this weekend was chatting to a despondent driver sitting in fuel queues in east London.

“Yeah, I’m trying to get to the garage,” he explained gesturing in the direction of our local BP forecourt.

And the vehicle he was in charge of? A petrol tanker.

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