Pervy room rent ad asks women to cook, clean and be comfortable sharing a bed

An advertisement for a room to rent had some spectacularly strange requests, including the roommate having to be a woman who must be willing to "cook and clean".

The ad, which is for an apartment in Detroit, was posted on Twitter gaining over 83k likes with many users giving their thoughts on the strange requests.

The caption of the post said: "You have to get sexually harassed AND pay him $400 a month? worst deal ever".

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The ad in total read: "Single male (44) searching for roommate, must be female aged 18-25 and single, must be willing to cook and clean, 1 bedroom apartment, you can use the couch until you are comfortable enough to share the bedroom.

"No pets, no drinking, no drugs and no male friend allowed, my home has a 'no closed doors' policy (This is for safety), $400 a month, call Owen."

The sheer confidence of the man known as Owen to feel as if he could request certain conditions shocked many in the comments section with one person choosing to focus on the fair price of renting a room.

The user wrote: "Help me out. I am not local. Is $400 per month too expensive for 44 years old man? Your beer must be $1 per pint.

"In my neighbourhood, you get a broom closet for $400 per month. You people are living the dream."

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Another person said this sort of behaviour should be expected of men due to biological reasons.

They said: "I mean, welcome to men. Most men prefer about that age range, no matter how old we get. There are obvious biological reasons for this preference."

One person expressed fear for anybody that could potentially take on that deal and said that 'Owen' must be reported to the police.

"Please report Owen to the authorities. He is a true crime story in the making. Might as well help the cops get out in front of it," they said.


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